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10 Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Clients

Christmas and new years are around the corner so here are 10 holiday gift ideas to gift your clients or team.

These fresh, innovative, and meaningful holiday gift ideas will help your company stand out during the holiday season.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Aluminum Photos

Preserve a photo from weather and time by having them infused, not just printed, on aluminum. Get the look of paper with the durability of aluminum. How about that amazing photo of you and your client on the golf course (you know, the time they happened to beat you by one stroke, and you picked up the dinner tab?). Now that is something they will hold on to for years.

Cocoon Electronics Organizer

This organizer is a universal, elastic organization system that gives customized digital device and personal item storage. It uses a unique weave of rubberized elastic bands to help your client protect and organize electronics like your Netbook/tablet, iPods, iPhones, BlackBerry’s, cameras, mobile phones, and more. They will love you every time they travel, which, by the way, is all the time.

Seasonal Candies

Write, or print out, a little note with the story behind candy canes, or just “Happy holidays.” During the holidays carry a pocket full of mini candy canes and hand them out freely. Find unusual flavors and colors so you’re not mimicking everyone else.

Global Gardens

Is your client a foodie? Consider giving them a gift that comes four times a year. For $225/year including shipping your client will receive fresh, extra virgin olive oil, a fruit infused balsamic or champagne vinegar and two additional gourmet food items from Global Gardens. They customize the message that goes in the box each season for no additional charge! There are also fresh fruit, meat and other food companies that do the same, for prices ranging from $25 and up.

Wall & Freestanding Calendars

You can send your client those 12 revealing photos of you in calendar form. Or maybe you can class it up with a well-placed bow in each shot. In fact, you can personalize these freestanding calendars any way you want.

Social Media Images & Graphic Design

Everyone needs graphic design or inspiring quotes for their biz. Why not gift your client with a design gift certificate from Hawtin Consulting? Contact Jaclyn for details.

Social Impact Through Books

Better World Books is improving global literacy through book sales. They offer over 8 million hardcover and paperback titles.

Send A Net. Save A Life

On behalf of your client, send a bed net to a family in Africa—where every thirty seconds a child dies from malaria. It’s simple. For just $10, you can send a net and save a life. 100% of your contribution goes directly to purchasing bed nets, distributing them, and educating communities on how to use them.

I Read About You In The Stars!

How about buying that client of yours a place in a galaxy far, far away? Immortalize them, or their company, with their very own star. After all, we all want our name up in lights! Why not make it your client’s name?

Beer Soap

Luxurious handmade soap. Beer drinkers will love Sammy Boy because it’s made with Samuel Adams beer. And what guy on this planet can’t start off the morning with some good beer soap?

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