Michelle Terrell

Michelle Terrell – Recent Website Project

Michelle came to me with branding and complexity issues. Her online community had grown so big that it was becoming unmanageable with her then current digital toolset. After a series of focused strategy sessions we came up with a beautiful digital & visual approach inclusive of a number of digital tools that we blended together seamlessly. This resulting system allows her to efficiently manage her community and effectively market her services.

Website Homepage

Website Homepage Bottom Half

Website Blog Page

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Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin (M.S. Tech), a San Francisco based Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Tech Love is an award winning entrepreneur with extensive experience advising start-up ventures. Her unique methodological approach developed through years of academic research and experimentation on making 'right technology' decisions in the workplace has proven invaluable to Tech Love's client base. She also currently serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs at House of Genius and advises a number of international nonprofits and NGO's on best practices for applying technology in international development.

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