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Phoenix Antiaging Clinic – Client Highlight

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Phoenix Antiaging Clinic

We had the privilege of developing the website for Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic over the summer. This was really fun project as Melanie Icard, founder of The Phoenix Anti Aging clinic is a very talented homeopathic doctor and globetrotter who regularly leads healing tours in South America. Her work down south inspired the design of the website integrating some of imagery of the Amazon rainforest and general healing design elements. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone that you respect and admire. Thanks Melanie for choosing Tech Love as your digital partner.

This project was a redesign of an older website. After analyzing the design of the old website we recognized a number of problem areas that could be improved. We noticed that the booking service that we being used was taking customers away from the website to a new url so we took this opportunity to integrate their booking service into the site on every service page. We also noticed on the old site there was an extreme lack of call to actions and general goal oriented design throughout the site. Here we made sure to make the process very clear, we setup call to action buttons on every page and every service that lead directly to the form to sign up for an appointment, this design change will lead to higher customer conversions. We also made sure to integrate a form on every service page that connects clients to a beauty and health expert in the event that they have questions and are not sure exactly what service to choose. We also added a dynamic module that connects a Phoenix Anti Aging Clinic employee via a chat window on the website live to any users that want to submit questions in real time, this type of tool is very effective in the sales process. Lastly we added an additional call to action in the form and email collection that connects dynamically to an email marketing database. This will help the Phoenix Anti Aging clinic to build their clientele and keep them engaged on a regular basis.

Jaclyn Hawtin

Jaclyn Hawtin (M.S. Tech), a San Francisco based Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Tech Love is an award winning entrepreneur with extensive experience advising start-up ventures. Her unique methodological approach developed through years of academic research and experimentation on making 'right technology' decisions in the workplace has proven invaluable to Tech Love's client base. She also currently serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs at House of Genius and advises a number of international nonprofits and NGO's on best practices for applying technology in international development.

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