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The Best Websites & Apps Aren’t Just Brochures – Our sites are like your best & hardest-working sales people: dedicated, multi-tasking, & always laser-focused on your bottom line.

Everything You Need to be Successful Online
Customized website design and monthly marketing to connect with customers.

Professional Design

Including photos and copy created specifically for your business.

Setup of Google™ Local

Monthly marketing submissions to top search engines and local directories.

Monthly Website Updates

Handled for you with just a phone call to your web expert.

Mobile Website Setup

For smartphone capability.

Tracking & Analysis

Tools & reports to track your success.

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“Tech Love’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what we needed. Our team of professionals had strong opinions on the project. They were able to take on board their ideas and steer us towards an outcome that we are proud of.”

– James Stewart, Director of Marketing

Effective website design is a critical component of any online marketing strategy.

What you get

A Website Your Customers Will Like & Trust

Our design team builds websites and digital experiences that effectively position content and navigation—the most content with the least amount of clicks—so your brand message is communicated quickly and clearly. Your content needs to be relevant and up to date—compelling content keeps visitors on your site.

A website that nurtures leads

We ensure that your brand message and entices your visitors to complete desired digital actions that have been integrated into your website as a part of your overall marketing strategy; these include things like filling out a form, downloading a file, or calling into your company.

A website that grows with your organization

We design websites that are flexible and expand easily overtime in order to grow with your business. For instance, your current business may have a single regional focus and a couple years down line require an expansion into new territories. We implement the most flexible platforms and digital methodologies to ensure maximum flexibility critical for future website success.

A website that works on all devices

Responsive design is a must! It means that your website will not only perform well, but also look awesome on all digital devices including: desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Responsive design elevates your brand, increases perceptions of value as well as improves search engine visibility.

A website that gets noticed by search engines

Your website will have no impact if no one can find it. We implement the most up to date search engine optimization (SEO) methodologies to ensure that your website is recognized by search engines and for the keywords that are most prevalent to your business.

A website created by a team of experts

A well-planned website requires a team of professionals in order to reach its full potential. We employ a team of experts on all web design projects that implement effective strategies and create memorable and engaging digital experiences attracting new visitors and converting leads for your business.

We proudly use WordPress, the #1 content management system in the world.


A complete web presence for small and midsize businesses. These websites generally include:

  • > Custom Design (12 credits of design)
  • > Search Engine Optimization (5 credits)
  • > Content Management System (5 credits)
  • > Website Planning (3 credits)

More design flexibility, more features, and more planning. These websites generally include:

  • > Custom Design (20 credits of design)
  • > SEO (10 credits)
  • > Social Marketing (5 – 10 credits)
  • > Content Management System (5 credits)
  • > Website Planning and Prototype (15 – 30 credits)
  • > Ecommerce (10 – 30 credits)

Comprehensive services for the most advanced websites. These websites generally include:

  • > Custom Design (30+ credits of design)
  • > SEO (5 -20 credits)
  • > Content Management System (5 credits)
  • > Research, Planning, and Prototype (15 – 30 credits)
  • > Interactive Web Apps (15 – 30 credits)
  • > Email Marketing Strategy & Design (5 – 30 credits)
  • > Video (20 – 50 credits)
  • > Interactive Social Media Campaign (50 – 100 credits)